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Toner Cartridges-Where Do Yours End Up?

Every year Canadians throw out 35 million printer cartridges with a 12 percent annual increase. That is more than 1 cartridge per second! Many don’t realize it, but cartridges take 450 years to decompose. Each brand new toner cartridge requires … Continue reading

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How to Troubleshoot an HP Officejet 6500

Printer models such as the HP Officejet 6500 are convenient because of the wireless features capabilities of the device. This allows any user in the office not only to print, but to also scan, photocopy and fax documents wirelessly. There … Continue reading

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Points to ponder while buying LCD laptop screen

While buying anything, everybody wants to make a perfect deal. A good buyer is the one who knows what things to look for while buying a certain commodity. The same goes with LCD laptop screens. So here is a brief … Continue reading

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