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Dod Compliant Data ScrubbingWhen you have to sell used servers or liquidate switches or liquidate networking gear or take care of a computer disposal what do you do? Really there are two choices. One is to the let the used IT equipment sit in a back room at your company depreciating in value everyday and the other choice is to call a company to see what the value may be, and to have that IT Asset Disposition firm take that equipment off of your hands.

Although there are in fact two choices, really only one is a prudent choice – to the call the IT Asset Disposition firm, also known as an ITAD. There are several reasons for this. Of course, the first one is regarding the possible dollars you may gain for those assets. When you contact an ITAD and provide them the information regarding the type of equipment you have, they will be able to ultimately put together a quote for those dod data scrubbing. If you need to sell used servers, for example, they can let you know what those servers will be worth if you do indeed sell them to the ITAD. Unfortunately, there are times when the equipment may not have any resale value, and in that case, an ITAD will make an arrangement with you about how to handle that equipment. In either case, you may as well not load up all of your open office space with outdated office equipment that is no longer of use to you.

In the case of a computer disposal project, the same holds true. By contacting a dod compliant data scrubbing you will be able to ascertain if the IT assets are worth anything at this point in time. The last thing you want to do is delay getting a quote and acting on that quote. Because, with any IT assets, they depreciate as the days go by. One thing to also consider when undertaking a computer disposal is what is going to happen to the information on the hard drives after the ITAD takes ownership of those items. For this concern you can discuss with your contact at the IT disposal company your options. You may want to have that handled through the process of hard drive wiping, or possibly have it taken care of it through hard drive destruction or hard drive shredding.

The bottom line is when you have to sell used servers or take care of a computer disposal you want things to go as smoothly as possible. You can create this “smooth” scenario by building a relationship with an ITAD who can take care of all of your IT liquidation needs efficiently and expediently.

Quincy Garth is United States Author. Working with ITAMG specializes in destroying hard drives, shredding tapes, and handling hard drive disposal projects of all kinds. He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide Variety of Dod Compliant Data Scrubbing and Dod Data Scrubbing.

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