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Activating the Law of Attraction by Harnessing Your Most Powerful Emotion

Few things are more popular now in the world of self improvement than the Law of Attraction. To the lazy, it sounds like a great way to bring about all the wonderful things in life – wealth, love, the perfect … Continue reading

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Devin Setoguchi Jersey the dusky throats

The Bread Of Affliction A dead and gone wag called the street “Fashion Street,” and most of the people who live in it do not even see the joke. If it could exchange names with “Rotten Row,” both places would be … Continue reading

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Accept The Truth

To succeed in life you must accept two seemingly paradoxical conditions. First, the master plan is beyond your knowing. And second, you are totally responsible for what you experience. Through this state of affairs you are free to lose yourself … Continue reading

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Discover the Inner Strength Within You

We all have great potential in us but unfortunately not many people know how to tap into our own inner strength and bring out the inner creativity inside us. Once you discover how to tap into your inner strength, you … Continue reading

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If You Sometimes Think

Yes, this can happen as part of a growing experiece and most people at one point or another in life may begin to question their lifestyle, in saying I need this or that, especially when the routine is so Mundane … Continue reading

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Stanford Study Shows Media Multitaskers Aren’t Smart

I must admit, I am a guilty media multitasker. I can’t help it! In my own simple way, especially in how I deal with my personal effectiveness, I handle a number of things all at the same time. While on … Continue reading

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