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Women Roles In Islam

As far as theoretical are concerned, men and women have equal rights in every aspects of life. The Quran gives men and women equality in the idea of creation of human beings. It’s one of the most controversial subjects for … Continue reading

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Knowing Truth of Scripture Helps In Everyday Life

In the 20th and the 21st century mankind has witnessed more bloodshed, pain and suffering than ever before. We had the World Wars, nuclear bombs, broken families despite having talks of democracy, modernism and freedom. Have you wondered why has … Continue reading

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Things to understand about Pro Sound and PA Sound Systemsr

Churches, although visually beautiful spaces designed for worship, have long been known for their reverberant acoustics. That’s why; many parishes make the important investment in their church sound system so that the sermon can be heard by everyone in the … Continue reading

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Repatriation Manchester to a foreign country.

When repatriation Manchester needs to be done to a foreign country, the funeral directors Manchester can take care of the documents and things that need to be done before the defunct is going to pass the border of the United … Continue reading

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Christian Truth Every Believer Must Know

Often in our life we reach crossroads and don’t know which path to choose. This dilemma often leads to poor decisions which we regret all our lives. What can act as a guiding start on such occasions and what can … Continue reading

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The Importance of Knowing Truth of Scripture

There is a great deal of violence and intolerance in our contemporary society. Our families are breaking and our youth is moving in the wrong direction towards drugs and premature sex. From abuse to indifference, all the bad virtues are … Continue reading

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Devin Setoguchi Jersey the dusky throats

The Bread Of Affliction A dead and gone wag called the street “Fashion Street,” and most of the people who live in it do not even see the joke. If it could exchange names with “Rotten Row,” both places would be … Continue reading

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Hindu Deities Statues

All Hindu deities’ statues represent one or more particular aspects of the Supreme Being. And while Hindus worship many gods and goddesses, they believe that all these are forms of that one Supreme God. For this reason, it can be … Continue reading

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Cremation and Burial Practices in China

There are many strange cremation customs around the world. However the traditions in Chinaare different and variegated. While¬†learning Mandarin and mastering its basic tenets, you might stumble across some practices and beliefs that you will not read about in any … Continue reading

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Atheism A Dreadful Concept

Indeed Allah Ta’ala has made us for His worship. He is the ultimate supreme power and He has the control over every single creature. Atheism is a concept which negates the concept of God. It is an ideology that supports … Continue reading

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